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                                                  Profile refers to the slope of the cap's crown. The crowns on low
                                                  profile caps tend to be more sweeping towards the back, while
                                                  crowns on high profile caps tend to be more perpendicular to
                                                  the visor. The buckram, which is the liner inside the hat, helps
                                                  maintain a cap's profile. In essence, a "low profile" cap has a
                                                  shallow crown, while a "high profile" cap has a taller crown.

                                                  The visor is the part of the hat that sticks out and shields your
                                                  eyes from the sun. Visors differ in shape from curved to flat,
                                                  offering a different look/shape for each hat depending on the
                                                  visor shape.

                                                  The crown is the height from the bottom edge of the hat to the
                                                  top of the head or "crown". This distance helps determine how
                                                  the hat will sit on top of the head. A larger number means the
                                                  hat will sit low on the head.

       2017                                       PANELS
                                                  Each hat is comprised of panels attached by seams to form
                                                  the overall shape of the hat. Hats can range from 5 to 6 panels,
       FLEXFIT ®
                                                  depending on the style of hat.

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