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TECHNOLOGIES                                                        TECHNOL OGIES

                                                  FLEXFIT® TECH
                                                  Our revolutionary technology weaves polyurethane spandex
                                                  throughout the cap’s crown for an incredibly secure and
                                                  comfortable fit.

                                                  COOL & DRY
                                                  This technology wicks perspiration away from your body and
                                                  keeps you cool, dry and comfortable.

                                                  FLEXFIT® MESH
                                                  Our patented elastic trucker mesh provides superior comfort
                                                  and innovation amongst trucker caps. Who said trucker caps
                                                  can only be in adjustable styles?

                                                  Our in-house Pro-Formance® technology combines Cool & Dry
                                                  properties with the premium look and feel of wool fabric.

                                                  Our bamboo fabric is anti-bacterial and offers UV protection,
                                                  while also exhibiting a super-soft feel with a natural shine.

                                                  Featuring super synthetic fibers, Ultrafibre caps are versatile -
                                                  they are robust, lightweight and wind and water resistant.
                                                  The fibers also have a natural shine that emanates strength.

                                                  Our visors come with a technology that maintain its proper
                                                  shape and curve at all times.

                                                  HYBRID®                                                   FLEXFIT ®  2017
                                                  Our in-house Hybrid technology combines Cool & Dry
                                                  technology with water resistance.

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