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            1                      5

          CROWN                   TAPING
          Refers to the distance from   Fabric strips used to cover
          the bottom edge of the hat to   and seal the inner seams
          the top of the head. This helps   of the hat where panels are
          determine the depth of the   sewn together. Not only does
          hat: a smaller number means   the taping provide extra
          the hat will sit higher on the   support for the stitching, but
          head while a larger number   also gives the inside of the hat
          means the hat will sit lower.  a polished, clean appearance.

           2                       6

          PROFILE                 TOP BUTTON
          Refers to the slope of the   A fabric-covered metal
          cap’s crown. Low-profile caps
                                  grommet attached to the top-
      HAT COMPONENTS  tend to have crowns that are   center of the hat to help hold                                                                                                                                                              YUPOONG 2018
                                  all panels together.
          more angled while high-
          profile caps have crowns that
          are more perpendicular to
          the visor.
           3                      The back piece of the hat
                                  that determines fit and
          VISOR                   adjustability. There is a wide
          A fabric-covered round   range of closure types such
          plastic piece attached to the   as snapbacks, buckles, and
          front to help shield the eyes   plastic hooks. Closures will
          from the sun. Visors come   help achieve the perfect fit
      YUPOONG 2018  and curvatures to cater to a   8                                                                                                                                                                                             HAT COMPONENTS
          in a wide range of shapes
                                  for maximum comfort.
          variety of headwear styles.

           4                      SWEATBAND
                                  A fabric band that lines the
          PANELS                  inside bottom of the hat.
          Triangular pieces of fabric   This is the part of the hat
          that are stitched together to   that wraps around the head
          form the main rounded struc-  and absorbs sweat. When
          ture of the hat. Depending on   it comes to headwear, our
          the style, hats are generally   premium elastic sweatbands
          comprised of 5 or 6 panels.  with Flexfit  technology
                                  provide unparalleled fit
                                  and comfort.

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